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Microskin schedule

We are holding a pop-up clinic from Thursday, the 30th of November to Saturday, the 2nd of December!
Appointments are limited, for bookings and prices please contact us through the “Pre-book an appointment” button.

Our clinic is based in Estonia, Tallinn. For bookings please contact us through the “Pre-book an appointment” button.

Please contact us through the “Pre-book an appointment” button and we will inform you about our next visit to Paris as soon as the dates are cleared.

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About Microskin

Microskin is a revolutionary simulated second skin individually formulated to color correct a range of conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo.

The unique color correction formula is applied as a fine-layered mist to the top layer of skin, completely concealing the condition. Once applied, Microskin is durable, flexible, and it won’t rub off on clothing or linen. It’s waterproof and allows your skin to breathe.

Microskin is suitable for all skin types and is not a cream, and doesn’t have the makeup appearance like most other camouflage products.

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